Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)


Beyond Mass Texting: Integrated Communications: SMS / MMS + Email + Social Media + Automation

Pack a visually charged punch with picture & video text messages.

When words alone can't convey your message, enrich it visually! Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) enables you to send mobile messages that include vivid pictures and videos, immediately grabbing your audience's attention and emotion. Be it a holiday greeting or visually exciting announcement, deliver a powerful message that is instantly read and boosts brand image with your audience.

With MMS, Let Your Images Do the Talking

open rates

Increased Open Rates

Users are more likely to open colorful MMS messages because they stand out from an inbox full of plain-text messages.


Mass MMS Announcements

Engage and mobilize customers by sending enticing coupons, important alerts, event invitations, or holiday greetings.


High-Impact Messages

Dazzle your audience with videos, or promote brand awareness by incorporating your logo or mascot. MMS creates an emotional mobile experience with powerful visual-branding possibilities.

go green

Go Green and Save Money

By using MMS for your marketing campaign, you're doing two great things: eliminating the use of paper and cutting the cost of expensive direct mailers.