Cross-Channel Appointment Reminders

Two-way Texting

Save time by addressing each individual issue with two-way texting using your local or toll-free business number.

Every missed appointment is a lost opportunity.

Cut down on no-shows and wasted opportunities with Cross-Channel Appointment Reminders through text, email, and even voice. Text and voice messages are the most immediate and attention-grabbing form of communication. Just set the date and time - that's it! No one has to futz around checking the calendar or making live phone calls.

Restaurant managers don't have to get stressed holding tables; dentist offices will fill all slots; and field reps can ensure that customers are home for service calls.


Schedule appointment reminders ahead of time, so you can focus on more important tasks.


Send appointment reminders through your customer's preferred channel: SMS, MMS, email, even recorded voice calls, or in any combination of these in any sequence.